Coach Tips


You are here on purpose. The series of events and experiences that brought you here were also on purpose. Everything is. Even the things that seem to shake you to your core and cause you to want to escape the circumstances of life, were all on purpose. Some times life has to be dramatic to get your attention because of how connected we can be to our routines, even if the habits and behaviors of our routines are not in alignment with our deepest desires. We sometimes crave the familiar, the knowing of what is going to happen in this ever changing, ever evolving experience. We crave consistency.

The beneficial thing about us being creatures of habit is that our brains are programable and so are our habits, and behaviors. By taking conscious, consistent steps toward reinforcing new levels of self-care we can improve our quality of life no matter where we are in life. No matter what our past looks like, and no matter how much time we think we have left in this life time.

Where do we begin? We start by stopping. Taking a few moments each day to get still. Connecting with our breath and bringing our focus inward to observe how our current habits are aligning with our desired experience.

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